Alice in Wonderland Pullip and Blythe Doll Stationary at Etsy

30 January, 2015 (00:03) | All Entries, Blog, Crafts, Dolls, Etsy, Miniatures, My Art, Sales | By: snowy

My latest items over at my Etsy store: handmade doll-sized stationary sets!  Yes, those tiny little envelopes really do open and close… This set was inspired by my recent foray into Lewis Carroll’s best classic book. :)

Alice in Wonderland Pullip Blythe-sized Stationary Set by snowfox creations

Your dolls can now write to the friends who always misunderstand them. ;)

Alice in Wonderland Pullip/Blythe-sized 1:6 Stationary Set

For sale here. It comes with a few of the little pencils. :)

I also have sets featuring the Cheshire Cat and The Little Mermaid.

Repairing a Petite Blythe Tsuki Usagi

30 December, 2014 (18:47) | All Entries, Blog, Dolls, Japan, Projects | By: snowy

Longtime fans of this blog will know that I have a soft-spot for anything Heian: and that I love miniatures/dolls. Predictably, I wanted to add the mini doll Petite Blythe Tsuki Usagi プチブライスつきうさぎ to my collection.

Petite Blythe Tsuki Usagi  プチブライスつきうさぎ with LPS Blythe Body

She’s an adorable little doll, about 11cm high (the size of Littlest Pet Shop mini Blythes and Little Dals,) with a theme from the fairy tale Taketori Monogatari (sometimes better known as the story of Princess Kaguya, although this isn’t the official title.) Tsuki Usagi- “Moon Rabbit”- even comes in a little canister shaped like (and decorated as) a little stalk of bamboo.

Her clothes- although simplified- are for their size an astonishingly accurate portrayal of the Heian-era “itsutsu-ginu-kouchiki” junihitoe worn by noblewomen. She even has a little white kosode with red nagabakama, and a tiny little fan!

But apparently, there was a production flaw her model: the paint used for her bloomers seems to interact badly with the plastic, and cause it to crumble, right out of the box. :(

Fortunately for her, a never-deboxed LPS mini Blythe was on hand, to, um, donate a similarly-sized body to her. (This involved slicing down the new body’s huge neck-peg and sanding down her neck/shoulders/peg quite a good bit, so it’s no fix for amateurs- but it did work!)

The new body:

1:12 Scale Handmade Christmas Diorama

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Finished my new project!

For sale here at my Etsy.


Handmade 1:12 Scale Christmas Miniature Shadow Box

Handmade 1:12 Scale Miniature Shadow Box- Nutcracker, Christmas Tree, Gifts etc

This is a 1:12 scale Christmas-themed diorama room box. It is enclosed, and is meant for decoration (although it can be opened.)

The tree lights on the miniature Christmas tree inside can be turned on (see 2nd photo) can be set to different types of blinking, or a steady light, from a control on the shadow box’s back.

Please note that this is for adult collectors, not children! the front of the case is real glass, and the little pieces are very delicate. Recommended for collectors 15 and up!

– antique miniature red doll chair in Victorian style – legs handpainted
– miniature porcelain doll with lace dress, originally an ornament from Dilliard’s
– stuffed puppy dog and dog bed
– Christmas hearth with metallic paper “fire” inside (see photos)
– 4x handmade stockings, and their contents (NOT removable)
– miniature hearth shovel and broom (attached to hearth via glue, but somewhat removable if need so require)
– handmade felt scroll
– handmade felt peppermints
– 3x handmade wrapped giftboxes, with metallic paper and ribbons
– handmade and handpainted Christmas Nativity creche
– handpainted Nativity figures
– basket of decor and treats
– 3x decorative toy soldiers
– miniature Christmas tree with working lights and garlands, with a star tree topper
– handmade red felt Christmas tree skirt, with metallic edging and star decor
– wooden toy train

– paper-covered backing
– external golden star decor and mini garland

Art Feature: 1/144th inch scale miniature-Victorian Style Room box

20 November, 2014 (16:11) | All Entries, Art Features, Cool Things, Crafts, Miniatures, NOT MINE | By: snowy

Isn’t this tiny miniature roombox by sdkminiatures on etsy incredible? :) (I wish that I could make things this small!!)

As of 2014/November, it’s still available in their shop and is $95.00 USD.